Arganda II

Rescued Building

The residential development has 4 separate bulIdings, with 3 floors above ground and it is in good condition.  In total there are 60 dwelings with their respective storages, and there are 78 parking spaces as well as 6 commercial premises. Average size of the units is 86 sq meters.

The Property is located within an area fully consolidated, in a residential environment, with good communications, with a 10-minute walk from the bus stop and a 16-minute walk from the Arganda del Rey metro stop, a nearby hospital (Hospital Universitario del Sureste) and a sports complex just a few metres away. It also has easy access to the A-3 and R-3 motorways, which connect with Madrid and the rest of the southern municipalities. There is average commercial activity in the surrounding area, with a market and the Zoco Shopping Centre in the vicinity.





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