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is the Half

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  • 925
    Units in commercialization located in Madrid town center and Community
  • 1.400
    Units available in different areas which are buld to rent and will allow access to new dwellings through rental contracts

IANTE Investments Socimi, S.A. was established in 2018 to focus on provide rental residential housing to Madrid Community.


Our mission is to provide more attainable rental housing to the city of Madrid by increasing supply.   This increases the supply of housing while also creates jobs and improves the communities were these assets reside




To develop our strategy we build on three fundamental pillars:


Rehabilitating Assets in the City Center of Madrid.

Rescuing buildings from the financial crisis.

Helping developers fund the construction of new units.




  • 1
    Our Core Values and our Code of Conduct reflect both who we are as individuals and what we are trying to achieve as a Company.
  • 2
    We believe that the Whole should be greater than the Sum of their parts, but this is only achieved by fostering Diversity of opinions and backgrounds.
  • 3
    We believe that the steps you take are as important as the destination. These steps create the foundations which guide our future development and are consequential towards our final objective.
  • 4
    We deem Honesty as the only option and that Trust is easily lost and hard to gain.
  • 5
    We believe Respect can only be earned and not demanded.
  • 6
    From Transparency and Responsibility long term lasting relationships can be built, even though initially there be divergent and opposite positions.
  • 7
    We support that by keeping an Open Mind and a Positive attitude constraints can be overcome and become lessons can be learned


And overall, we believe that our first and final responsibility as a Company is for our stakeholders.  With that in mind we try to put the best of ourselves in each decision, investing all our efforts, bringing our expertise, ideas, innovative strategies to achieve a joint success.

We are continuously daring to face new challenges but keeping prudent step and reserves for potential contingencies.  We are sure this is the proper way to ensure that all those who have invested in this project, not just shareholders but also each of our employees, can grow and develop together and set up a long lasting collaboration which steadily rises with the time.




Stakeholders and Investors

AEREF V Iberian Residential Holdings, S.à.r.l. is a company that invests in real estate or movable properties including the direct or indirect acquisition, development, holding promotion, management, sale and/or lease of real estate or moveable property, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or elsewhere.

For any Investors related queries please contact us through the following mail address:

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Our Assets

The spirit of Madrid its unique and we want to become part of the community by recovering the essence of the assets we own.  Since our portfolio is our value, we are committed to ensure it is adequately managed, maintained and taken care of.

Rehabilitated-Buildings: La-Latina
Rescued-Buildings: Arganda
New-Construction: Alcala de Henares
Rehabilitated-Buildings: Lavapies
Rescued-Buildings: Parla
New-Construction: Arganda del Rey
Rehabilitated-Buildings: Retiro
Rescued-Buildings: SanChinarro
New-Construction: Madrid-Norte
Rehabilitated-Buildings: Salamanca
Rescued-Buildings: Villaverde
New-Construction: Torrejon de Ardoz