Lavapiés – SC6

Rehabilitated Building

Its structure is that of an authentic “corrala” with unbeatable views from the highest floors. The average size of the houses is 75m2.  This Property  is located in a consolidated urban area, just 20 minutes walk from El Retiro Park, having an unbeatable communications network by public transport, just 9 minutes walk from the Lavapiés Metro stop or just 7 minutes from the bus stop. Ambassadors. It is connected with very easy access to the M-30 and the A-4 motorway, which connect the center of Madrid with the rest of the municipalities in the south of the province.

It is located in one of the most charming areas of the capital, not by chance has it been rated as the “coolest” neighborhood in the world by Time Out magazine, among many other reasons for: “its popular and frenetic cultural life”, “Its multiculturalism”, “the effervescence of its squares”, “its cultural centers stranded in the middle of the city”, or because “Lavapiés is living proof of how the city is transforming, moving towards the future without renouncing its past” , words that we subscribe.


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