VCL – Villaverde

Rescued Building

The whole asset has 257 units of which we own 77, all of them with their storage rooms and parking spaces.

The development has a total of 6 buildings and keeps a very good conservation.   Average size for the homes is 44 sqm.  At the ground area there are shared common elements, among which we can highlight a summer swimming pool, gym and both indoors and outdoors recreative areas with multi use.

It has unbeatable communications both by private and public transport being just across the street the local train stop and with easy access to the M-40 and A-4 motorways. The area is completely consolidated, with schools, hospitals, green areas, and a sports centre.

VCL Villaverde_03
VCL Villaverde_02
VCL Villaverde_04
VCL Villaverde_01

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